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Juicy Jelly

Juicy Jelly


Jellyfish aren’t really fish, but they are soft like jelly! They have drifted in ocean currents for millions of years – in fact, even before dinosaurs! Most all have stinging tentacles to stun their unsuspecting prey. They don’t deliberately sting humans; these painful encounters usually happen when we accidently swim into one of their tentacles. Many jellyfish are clear in color, but they can also have vibrant colors and be luminescent – looking a little like a colorful light bulb. This Juicy Jelly was taken on a dive in the Philippines where the water happened to be filled with thousands of them.


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All our images are printed on Aluminum for a brilliant high definition finish. We use only Chromaluxe Aluminum panels, which are cut for an outstanding finish. We use the best equipment in the industry, as well as ink made especially for this type of printing process. Every beautiful image will be carefully packaged and delivered to you ready to hang.

Box Mount

Images that measure 20 x 30 inches or less will have an Aluminum Box Mount. This mount will float your image ¾” off the wall and requires only a single nail to hang it.

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Frame Mount

Frame Mount

Images that measure larger than 20 x 30 inches will have an Aluminum Frame Mount. This mount is made of a one-inch aluminum tube that is welded together and secured to the back of the image.

This mount provides the support necessary for larger photos. It also comes with a hanger bar, three screws, and a mini-level. Simply attach the hanger bar where you want it on the wall and the result is an easy to hang image that you will be able to enjoy for years and years to come.

Caring for Your Art

The beauty of our images is that they are extremely easy to care for. Simply use a clean, damp (with a little water only) micro fiber cloth and gently wipe it clean when you find it necessary to do so.

Caring for your art
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